WannaCry is a malicious piece of Software that will block user’s account to their Windows computer demanding $300 (£230) in Bitcoins. Also known as Wana Decryptor or WCry. It has been reported that a new ransomware named as “Wannacry” is spreading widely. Wannacry encrypts the files on infected Windows systems. This ransomware spreads by using a vulnerability in implementations of Server Message Block (SMB) in Windows systems. This exploit is named as ETERNALBLUE.

The ransomware called WannaCrypt or WannaCry encrypts the computer’s hard disk drive and then spreads laterally between computers on the same LAN. The ransomware also spreads through malicious attachments to emails.
The White House said on Monday that under $70,000 (£54,000) had been paid in total in a bid to get any locked data released.
Europe and Russia are most affected. 9.6% affected users are from India.


  1. Attacked 200,000 computers in over 150 countries since Friday.
  2. Targeted banks, government institutions, and rails in Russia.
  3. Buzz is going on that ATM’s will be closed for next 2-3 days probably in India.
  4. Except for Africa all countries IT companies are hacked.
  5. Do not open any email with attachment “tasksche.exe” file.
  6. The 22-year-old security researcher, known by the pseudonym MalwareTech found what a “kill switch” in the rogue software’s code accidentally.
  7. Government institutes are working on decrypting tools to stop it.
  8. Ransoms are made in bitcoins, a cryptocurrency which makes it extremely hard to track.
  9. India is the topmost affected country with ransomware.
  10. The attack is supposed to get worse in the coming days as per the cyber security agencies.