The Girl Who Got ‘Entangled In Zentangle’

Entangled In Zentangle started off as a mere passion project of mine. It was an outlet where I could draw my heart out and showcase it to the world. It started as a Facebook page and an Instagram account. I did not have any idea or intention of making it into a business. However, life takes different turns every single day and that’s what happened with this venture of mine as well. One friend of mine suggested I sell my artworks, maybe sell my designs on products and people would pay a good price for it. When I think about the struggles I faced in order to shape up this business of mine, I first think of the internal struggles. The thought of selling my works was unbelievable at first because self-confidence or confidence in one’s own work is something many people, including me, struggle with. The first step is always tough – that first announcement that you are now going to sell your works and expect people’s hard-earned money in return. In some corner of my mind, I wasn’t sure my work was worth all of that. Even then, I went ahead and posted my first sale announcement – hand-drawn eco-friendly tote bags.

That day, the people in my office saw my post and started asking me if I had received any order (and I didn’t, yet) and that obviously didn’t help my self-confidence. However, ironically, the first order I received was also from an office colleague of mine, she ordered two customized tote bags for her kids! That gave me my first surge of confidence. One more thing that helped me was when people reached out to me asking if I do t-shirts. That gave me an idea of what has a better market out there. Slowly and steadily I introduced customized t-shirts, zendoodled stickers, and personalized mandala notebook covers into my product listings. Now I can say with confidence that I know the worth of my products and I have had the opportunity of selling them to some extremely satisfied customers. The obvious struggle I now face is juggling my 9 to 5 job as a Software Engineer with this business. It takes a lot out of a person when you cannot devote your 100% to one thing and you need to divide your energy among multiple projects, yet you want all of them done perfectly. I take time out in the morning, at night, on weekends for my art and my week is not complete until I do so. You know when they say, ‘Dream is not something that you have while sleeping, a dream is something that doesn’t let you sleep’? However corny or clichéd that sounds, I actually get it now. The only thing that keeps me going is the existence of Entangled In Zentangle – it keeps me sane. I only wish to see my brain baby get bigger and better – oh and I wish people stopped asking art for free.

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