Written by: Debapriya Chakrabarty

So you’re finally tying the knot with your partner in crime and life and looking for the perfect spot, dress, and what-not. Assuming you are a go-getter and acing through all the to-dos on your list, making sure everything’s in place before the perfect day and all the guests have been invited, there may be just this one little thing you missed. The tiny mistake of not calculating the risks of your wedding venue with
respect to the photography activities you have planned.
There are venues with strict rules that prohibit certain activities which can interfere with your potential award-worthy pictures of your big day.

So here’s a list of things you should be considered before settling on a wedding photography location.

When the RSVPs get lost in the mail
Just when you think you have a final headcount and know who’s attending your wedding things might take a U-turn. Always have wiggle room if you’re expecting a bigger crowd because wedding venues are very strict on the space they provide and they will be very reluctant to provide you any more than what you paid for. Now, this wouldn’t be that bad if you didn’t have a photographer taking pictures of people
scooting to make more space. Admit it, they’re your guests for the day and you surely don’t want an unhappy face in your precious pictures for the rest of your life to look at.

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Do you have the entire space to yourself?
Here’s the deal, no matter how big or small your venue is to make sure you have enough space available to you for the photo session of a lifetime. This can get really tricky when you see there’s a beautiful garden or poolside that would make for a great photography location, but it’s not included in your package, so make sure you know exactly how much space you are paying for. It can be really disappointing if you’ve
got a great location and can’t use all of it.

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Lights, Camera & Action
You’ve got a professional doing your wedding photography? Great news, but for all the magic tricks the cameras do, every single one of them depends very much on the lighting. Any professional photographer will tell you natural light is the best to add the wedding vibes to the pictures. But what if you decide to have an evening wedding instead of a morning one, an indoor wedding instead of an
outdoor one? It might get a little confusing for your photographer if he/she is not aware of the venue. Always take your photographer to visit the venue beforehand so that he/she can have an understanding of the lighting and space available.

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A wedding photography rehearsal
Yes, we are all aware of the rehearsal dinner, but missing out on a chance for a photography rehearsal is
a big no-no. Ask your photographer in advance about the types of photographs and videos you are hoping to get at the venue. Because when the day finally arrives and you’re all set to take the perfect picture that you have dreamed of, maybe your venue doesn’t have the right background for that image.
Here’s a tiny list of poses you might want to check out:

  • The shoe shot
  • The bridal portrait
  • Pre-ceremony emotions
  • The dramatic hand-held pose with your spin on it
  • The walk down the aisle
  • Ceremony & Ritual shots
  • Guests in groups

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The emergency improvisation
One of the least unexpected things that could go down on your big day is the weather. If your entire wedding activities are set outside, it could be a real threat to photography. You’ve obviously planned to take pictures of every intricate detail of your wedding like

  • The dress
  • The rings
  • The cake
  • The food
  • The decorations
  • The favors
  • The reception tables

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Nobody wants to be drenched in rain wedding pictures, right? So get together with your photographer and event manager to decide on some emergency shots that can be taken indoors as well, or have a natural theme for the interior decoration just as a backup so that you don’t miss out on anything.
It’s your day, live it the way you want to, but make sure you have this small list all checked out before
the main event. A wedding can be a single day event but photographs are for life, so click it as you mean it.