An open letter to my high school best friend.

Remember the first time we met? Under such weird circumstances and all that.

I don’t know why I remember that so vividly even now. With high school ending, so many things drew a finishing line. Even, on my farewell day i was crying not because I will miss the whole concept of school altogether but I will not get to see you, be with you on a regular basis again.


After that day, so many things changed, we parted ways. You moved to another city with all your insignificant aura (that matters so much now) and all that happiness you have kept on sharing. Friends, good friends, I have made many you know that. Somehow tagged on to a different routine altogether. You know your place still feels empty, your place will never get refilled. And you moving to a different city will always remain to be the worst thing that could ever happen in my life. Trying to travel to a slightly brighter side with wriggling toes, I love how I can still spend hours talking to you, going to favorite places with you, and laugh till my stomach literally aches without any reasons, with you. For a moment or two they make me believe it’s still the same between you and me like it has always been.

I have always been a patient listener to all your clumsy, funny, melodramatic and tragic tales about love, about life.

I will always be there as a patient listener, for you. No matter what. I love how we have been through our teenage together, saving up each other’s back from every other problem. I love how you have loved me even in those depression, bad phases, mood swings and fights.  I love how I have no bitter memories left with you and only the ones which we cherish from time to time.


No, I am not jealous of you making new friends or even a best friend because i want you to be genuinely happy, and never feel alone. I still wish to go on those unplanned road trips and those destinations long written down in our list with you. I still hope that again at some point of my life we will live in the same city. Together living our different dreams, wishing for the world to get better with people’s changing mindset. I miss those sleepovers majorly. You will always be that human who makes me feel a little better about life. I still wish high school never ended because it had you in it. I can possibly never talk about high school without bringing you up.

P.S- You will always be my first choice when it comes to binge watching our favorite movies or television series again and again .I love you with all of my heart. And i miss you more than anything else about life. I will always be a message or call away no matter what.