The Perfect Indian Ocean Escape

5 Lifetime Experiences You Can Have Only in the Andaman Islands

With glimmering turquoise waves, bordered by antique jungle, incredible diving, and snow-white, sun-kissed beaches melting under flame-and-pink sunsets, the far-flung Andaman Islands are the perfect Indian beach escape. These islands are well known for their beautiful coastlines and lush forests. Though it is an Indian territory, it is located 1370 kilometers from the Indian mainland. Geographically, they are actually closer to South East Asia, being just 150 km from Indonesia and 190 km from Myanmar.

Only a dozen or so of the 572 Andaman Islands are open to tourists, but there is much to see and many unique experiences to be had here.

1. Visit the best beach in India, Radhanagar Beach, Havelock Island

The oft voted India’s best beach, the white sands of Radhanagar are an absolute must-see once in your lifetime. Whether you plan to swim, go for a walk, or just sunbathe, this is the place to be. However, if you’re looking for excitement, Havelock Island has that as well. This one amongst our list of the best beaches in India.

2. See the historical ruins at Ross Island

Located near the capital, Ross Island was once the hub of the British Colony in the Andamans. Abandoned after an earthquake in 1941, the island is now home to many species of birds and deer. Walking through the island you’d be surprised by the ancient trees which have grown on important landmarks such as Officers Quarters and the rundown Church; you’ll see the wild vines, roots, and trunks of these trees covering the architectures giving them a distinctive old-world charm. A few other attractions you must consider visiting are the Chief Commissioner’s House, the Cathedral, and Graveyard of the Britishers.

3. Step back in time at Port Blair’s Cellular Jail 

A former British prison, the Cellular Jail was begun in 1896 and contained 698 cells. It was used to imprison those who fought against the British and is now a National Memorial. Many heroes of Indian National History have been imprisoned here behind the bars, and with stepping inside you would feel a shrill down your spine walking through the cells and the narrow alleys of torture.

4. The Natural Rock formations on Neil Island

This tranquil island is home to some stunning natural rock formations which can only be seen at low tide. Try walking to the limestone caves on Sitapur beach at sunrise for a spectacular experience. The rock formations have stood still from time immemorial and are a magnificent view especially during sunsets.

5. Watch turtles nesting on Diglipur Island

Between December and March, thousands of turtles come to the Andamans to lay eggs. At Kalipur and Ramanagar Beaches, you can spot numerous species coming ashore at sunset. But, for the sake of photography, you shouldn’t go near the turtle eggs or the turtles and do not touch them. Remember, it’s their habitat you are visiting and they should be left at peace.


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