Written by: Saumyarup Pal 

The weather today was like one of the best of springtime nights. I was walking down an unusual street. Once upon a time, this was my favourite hangout destination. The footpath hasn’t changed,  though this part of this city is busy nowadays. Time has changed. Memories could easily flash, but I felt so blank – a different kind of emptiness. I wanted to soak the breeze into my fatigued ownself. Citylights, the same landmarks, the same housings by the side made me feel something that I never felt for years. That could be named as bliss of simplicity or something. The farewell dinner had been something. I would love to walk for another twenty minutes get a cab from the next four point.


As usual, the footpath beside the museum gate is blocked. I had to step on the street. I wasn’t alert, a car missed hit by inches. Thank God! The blue BMW passed by me, took a vigorous brake and then reversed to me.  I was expecting a quarrel, obviously. The glass retracted and a known voice exclaimed, “What a surprise!”

-Mimi! Hi!

“Get in!” She said, with a tone of hesitation.

For few seconds I didn’t know what to reply.

“Where will you go?” She asked.

-B. K. Avenue

-Get in, idiot!

-No thanks, I would love to walk. Why don’t you ask him to park the car and let’s walk for a while like before. Or that sedan is too comfortable?

-I insist. Please.

She instructed her driver to go via B. K. Road.

Mimi has changed so much. She doesn’t appear to be a silly teenager anymore. This matured, apparently elite woman kept me staring.

“What are you looking at, Rik?”

-You! After all these years!

-Haha! So how’s life? I never knew that you shifted close to my home.

-How would that make a difference? You decided not to keep contact

-Some situations are inevitable, you will never understand.


Won’t you ask me what’s up with me?

-All I can see is a woman in a luxury sedan, living a life that she deserved, a life that people aspire in dreams.

-That doesn’t imply how my life is.

-Busy, right? What else!

In the poor light what I saw was probably a smirk.

“Okay tell me, how’s uncle and auntie?”

“Weak,” she replied, “one gets drunk every night and the other gets sick every day”

-You shouldn’t be this irritated

-Bunk! What about your side.

-We all are happy. Nowadays they are little worried about me.

-We mean? And did you marry! Wow! What does she do?

-Leave these things. By the way, this 320d is my favourite car!

-You are so obsessed with the car!

-Obviously! Maybe the showroom people won’t allow me to test drive one.

-Shut up. You earn enough.

– Why are you so well dressed today? Any occasion?

– Office party. And I guess you also had something like that!

-Same! Office party. My farewell.

-Where will you go?

-New Jersey!

-Wow, man! I remember you always envied my relatives at NJ!

-Dream come true, you can say!


I shook hands with a little hesitation. Her palm was always like a baby. Soft. Moist.

-Success is what you got. I told you one day…

-Please don’t judge. You don’t know about my life now.

-At least you are a champion in front of a loser like me

-Shut up!

-Your phone is beeping, a call may be.

-Missed the call! What the..! My husband! Already five! Shit

-Call him back.

-He will kill me. You don’t know him.

She started panicking like never before. She called him. I couldn’t imagine her to be verbally ambushed like that. The speaker’s voice spread beyond her ears only to hurt me. How can he? Tears rolled down her cheeks.

I put a hand on hers. The car audio felt our moment-

I don’t know how you’re s’posed to find me lately

And what more could you ask from me

How could you say that I never needed you

When you took everything

Said you took everything from me.

“Apparently I am happy, Rik”

-I can see. I know you.

-Life could have been better. Nothing is worse than an abusive possessive psychopath living with you.

-You love him, I guess.

I asked the driver to drop me after the next turning.

-Bye, Mimi. I wish we could exchange contacts, but that won’t be fair.

-I can’t decide.

-Whatever, do take care, he won’t be that insane. Everyone would be lucky to be yours. Bye.

-Bye, have a great life ahead.


She pulled the door. Her stole dropped. The bruises on her fair skin turned my anticipation down.

Maybe it was a life I couldn’t give her. Ever.


About the author: A doctor by studies, calls himself a modern day yogi.