Written by: Soumi Sen

Since childhood days when life used to be as good as it is not now and possibly when wardrobe was less full and bookshelves bursting with Noddy Batman Phantom Tintin. Ever since then I was quoted a bookworm, wait.. a! a geeko too and sometimes the aunty next door wailed out to my mum saying she is such studious! I was sober enough to just sigh in return. Life used to be so happening with loads of Agatha Christie series or famous five being exchanged in the class or harry potter animating me in the midnight dreams which obviously modified with age and was replaced with Jhumpa Lahiri and, Shakespeare, to kill a mockingbird and so on.
Howsoever each and moment each and every moment my presence among the public would be marginalised for my exclusively incurred wit from the various reads and lesser from the texts! it is as painful as a wound that hits u hard in worst ways when your sibling sitting next to eyes with disgust saying how do you manage to read so much and she dances about flaunting her grades even though she studies just before the day of the exam and your parents thinks you have prepared long ago and going to top in the class and you end up having a b+!!!
Imagine a situation when you have no clue about your syllabus of the exam at college you heartily pray that you pass probably the worst happens when you’re your classmates scorn at you saying you know everything your such an active reader of anything and everything and one would probably feel like falling into the pool of water because you are bewildered by the sarcasm.
I would also say about my experience of looking good and dressing good even after being a book lover a geeko and ending up being stared at by my cousins as if the sun did not rise likewise the hottest girl of the class getting shocked and judging her sense of fashion and friends asking me where was my intellecto apparel, my glasses !
Well to be very honest it’s just at true fact that a book lover is simply and mandatorily not a grammar Nazi neither a philosophical pilot never an all in all genius, no way a topper unlike me until the syllabus is completed and revised on time. A book lover has the 100% right to be as pretty and hot like those whom folks adore daily in the class.
It’s never a book lover ( loads of books +spectacles +boring hangy clothes) – all fashion+ just like the usual mass = GEKKO!


About the Author: Loves being called zozo, loves to write which basically best work I do apart from all the other works I can do!
I’m a feminist, not a feminazi.
Sleeping anyway n every way is an art imbibed in me since childhood. Posing, cooking, travelling and night sky gazing are her favourites.

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