Recollecting Darjeeling

Travel bugs: Bhawana Thakur & Tulip Chatterjee

As a child we all had to wait for our summer vacations before we could go on a holiday, mine was no different case.Being born into a bong family it is quite obvious for us to go for vacays. And talking about vacations two places were on hit list 1) Queen of hills “Darjeeling” 2)Land of Three siblings “Puri”.

Today I would like to tell you about my first encounter with the mountains and how I fell in love with it.

Like every year I was very excited for our train journey that was to be boarded from Burdwan station as there was no connectivity from the place where I use to live in. After a journey of around 10hrs, I finally reach NJP, the nearest station to Darjeeling. Then boarded a toy train from the station to reach the hills, while traveling further I could see mountains in the distant and excitingly I asked my father,” Papa, is that where we are heading to?” Yes” was the answer….

The journey was an amazing one as we had to cross tunnels sometimes and sometimes it was deep dead ends without being able to trace its end.

After reaching Darjeeling, we checked in our hotels and took some rest, in the afternoon we headed out to take a small stroll in the mall road(market) where my mother did a bit of shopping after which we went to the all time favorite @keventers, people go there for its yummy food but my father took me to witness a breathtaking view of Kanchenjunga. Yes, you guessed it right I did ride a white pony out there, how could I even miss that. Next morning, we headed out to the Victoria falls…beautiful place. The most famous part of this falls was the ferroconcrete bridge was this was the first RCC Arch bridge in Asia.

Then we headed to Batasia loop it’s below Ghum, famous for the spiral railway track and war memorial park but beauty lies during the sunset.There you get local costumes for rent which you can wear and get clicked like I did.

Being a hill station there is nothing much to do during the night or at least I didn’t know back then

Next morning we headed towards the Vivekananda park, tried the local cuisines, visited one tea estate, did some shopping. Last morning in this beautiful city we decided to visit the iconic school “St Joseph’s”.

Believe me, at one point I thought of getting admitted in this institute, built in the 18th century it’s marvelous and education wise as well it ranks no.1 in West Bengal and 3rd in India.

Then we decided to visit the famous Makdhog monastery, built during the 1st world war, Makdhog means warding off the war. Just two words I could recall  Peace and serenity. One small budget-friendly town although very mainstream but now you know how did I get bitten by the travel bug…