Written by: Souvik Pal

And now while I sit so close,
To the outer shell that lay,
What once was called with name as I,
In ashes fly away.

The words that blocked my lips within,
Get mixed in airy dust,
The watch that kept it all in time,
Does now return to rust.

“If I could stay a little while”,
The work that’s been would strew,
But man must turn to earth amidst,
All those deeds be due.

Soon with the broken dusk,
I knew I couldn’t stay,
For my heart did miss a beat sometime,
I had to leave today.

But still before I slumber long,
I’ll keep a beat for you,
In pages of a weary time,
That I couldn’t write to.

About the author: Engineer by day,writer by night.I write on things that bewitch my mind.