A Kolkata boy who breathes music

1. What led to the formation of your band? What influenced/inspired you?
 I have 2(Two) bands in present.
*Punarjanma – India.
I grew up in a musical background. When i was in school I got to listen to some Independent artists and bands. I’ve always wanted to pursue my career as an Artist. Those musical arrangements attracted me. I used to listen to various bands and artistes, they inspired me to walk on this path with determination. From WestBengal Lakkhichara,Fossils,Cactus,Skinny Alley,Orient Express were one of my favorites and i got inspired from Bands from Bangladesh, such as Artcell,Warfaze,Miles,Black, Etc. I used(i still do) to listen to Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree,Opeth,Dream Theater, Iron Maiden Etc. I got my musical Inspiration from these band to form my own band.
2. What are your views about the local music scene of our city?
We always should support our Local Scene and to be Honest Our Local Scene is doing really well now but we really need to learn to Expand our musical reach to broader audiences.
3. What do you think is the USP of your band?
Usp of FolkTantra is, we fuse Ambient Progressive music with Bengali Folk songs.
*Punarjanma – India
Our Original Numbers are based on Symphonic Progressive Music and we try to leave our signs if we are covering any songs.
4. What according to you guys would be the definition of music?
The Definition of Music is, expressing yourself through an Art form which is known as music.
5. What ar your views about Bollywood being the sole mainstream music?
No offense to any Genres of Music. Bollywood steals the lime light because it has glamorous attractions which gets served with a proper packaging.
6.What are your five year plan? What are your upcoming gigs?
Right now i’m working and assisting The National Award Winning Music Director Mayookh Bhaumik. I’ve sung the Theme song of an upcoming Bengali Feature Film called Bhotbhoti(2020). I’m planning to record more songs with my bands. We don’t have any major announcements as of now but the time being.
7. How do think the competition/brotherhood among upcoming musicians and musicians are now?
We have a great bonding in this industry but there should be healthy competition and there is a healthy competition which is a good sign for the scene.
8.  How did social media impact your music?
Through the social media we are getting new audience everyday. We can reach up to a wider range of audiences with different taste of music everyday. Impactful indeed.
9. What are the effects of technological advancement of music on you?
We, musicians need to upgrade our selves as well as our musical gadgets. In this era of Tech we can randomly experiment with our music, which opens up new ideas for us. Pretty enjoyable.
10.  If not a band what do you you would do?
I would anyday want to be a Professional Musician(Vocalist) and nothing else.
11. Which are the current Indian artists you look up to? Both independent or Bollywood.
I really look up to bands like Aswekeepsearching,Sitar Metal, Tesseract, Skyharbor etc. In Bollywood Sir Sonu Nigam, Sir A.r.Rehman,Amit Trivedi,Salim Merchant,Benny  Dayal, Suraj Jagan Etc.