The Youth Chronicles!! I dreamed of it, I nurtured the dream, I tried to fulfill it and here it is. This is a webzine wholly dedicated to ‘that generation which matters’. I think that we, the youths only can help the society to be a better place to live in, and so this magazine. This dream of mine would not have been fulfilled without the continuous support of my parents and of course my friends and those backstabbers who have helped me to become a better person.


This webzine is neither a totally intellectual one nor a totally entertaining one; it has a fine blend of both. We have where anyone can send in their views on the given topic, we have a section for budding photographers where they can send in their clicks, we also have a section for budding poets, writers and bloggers and the most interesting and exciting part is that anyone can be a part of any of the sections. We are very much new to this field and are really amateur so we not only welcome any kind of suggestions but also any criticisms.
To conclude I can say that, we live in a global village where every individual is interdependent by means of modern apps. It is that modern technology that leads us to the world of fantasy, often compelling us to undergo a radical change. Still we are confined in a ‘seamless hollowness’. This hollow world is so torturous that we want to get alienated at times. I see to it, feel it and sense it. This venture is my solemn endeavor to subscribe my good ideas to a bouquet of productivity through creations.

Editor: Bijoyeti Ghosh IMG-20160330-WA0025