Author: Bijoyeti GhoshIMG-20160330-WA0025

We are the spoilt, pampered generation but we are the new kids on the block. We are criticized, we are called over-techy, we are called sissy, and what not we are. Most of the times we are thought of as irresponsible, instead, Gen-Z has proved more resilient and more mature than its critics imagined. But yes, we admit that we are full of contradictions. We have hundreds of real as well as fair-weather friends who make up our lives, but deep inside we value our family relations. We are often considered egotistical and brash, yet we are eager to learn and contribute. We want to make money, but we also believe in supporting nonprofit causes.

Talking about our generation what comes to anybody’s mind is the technology that surrounds us. We have many nick-names attributing us-The iGeneration, the net generation. Generation Z members are considered to be more civic-minded with strong sense of community both local and global. We often hear our parents or any of our elders say that “it didn’t use to be the same in our days” but we forget or rather they forget that their time was different from ours. We grew up at a time when students were gunning down other students and terrorists were crashing planes in buildings. But it seems that instead of making them fearful and introvert, this has imbued Gen Z’s with a gush of optimism. This seems to come from the philosophy that ‘anything can happen in life, so we should live for the moment and not for the next. From we moment we were born we had it easy, we were told that we could do anything. Our parents were always keen to boost our self esteem. Every time we knew that anything under the sky is possible. The fairy tales told us that even a mermaid’s tail cannot be an impediment to marrying a human prince. It seems that the phrase “I’m possible” has found its way right to a Gen-Z’s DNA.

We actually prefer texting to calling up somebody in person. We crave for immediate feedbacks. Want to know something or the other, Google it, forgot today’s homework text a classmate. Its all that easy. For our entire lives, we’ve heard about global warming, recessions, terror attacks and stuff. As a result, they’re growing up fast and developing sensitivities beyond their years.

Every generation has trouble with the one preceding them. Their clothes are always unfit, their music is loud and things changes faster than we realize and it never goes back. One in four people in the world is a member of the Gen-Z. The world will be ours to run one day. So what are we in for? It seems that the planet is in capable hands. We are tech-savvy, information is at our fingertips but we are also called more self-directed. In the work-place the Gen-Z is going to have little interest in being a ‘desk-jockey’ for 40 hours a week and most probably they will be more interested in plucking here and there or better to say , would love to be freelancers.

We are called the Z’s as we follow the Y’s and Alphas will follow us, but what next? When we think of the glitzy Gen Z’s we think of the classy, stylish urban guys and gals but didn’t we forget about the poor or rural who also fall in the same age bracket? What do they do? Are they also the same affluent as we? In a way the answer would be ‘yes’ as in the villages and the country-sides the use of technology has found a wider prospect than yesterday. And these improvements and betterments definitely owes to this generation.Where the Gen-Z is concerned many worry that the smoothness in our path might limit or narrow our aspect but we can assure you that we will definitely gift you all a better society and a better world. And so in our very Gen-Z way we say wait and watch out for the good to come.