Girls from Kolkata opened up about relationships in 21st century and just nailed it

Relationships in 21st century is not what you think it is but we fail to decipher what it really is, but a girl from Kolkata, Shalini Sharma and Arunima Ghosh made a joint effort in sharing the feelings about relationships and we can’t help but say hats off girls.

This is what was written:

Today, I am gonna talk about being in a relationship in the 21st century. Relationship which is made famous all over social media because you have to let people know how much you love each other because that’s what you need right? You need the validation even though you might never mean a word when you say it to the person you’re in a relationship with. Relationship is all about how adorable you both look in pictures, or how good are you in bed or how good looking and perfect your lover is. You can choose to go around and sleep with anyone else if you want to but at the end of the day you have to satisfy my needs. You can go around and have electronic conversations in the name of love and then use it as an excuse to assassinate your partner’s character or question your partner’s feelings for you, if you have this one argument with your ‘lover’ and you can publicise that as well. You can spend hours with someone one day and the next day you might as well would not wanna see the person again,why? Because maybe you’re bored with the person or maybe you’re finding it difficult to get along with that person. But please, make sure you remember to post a status update telling people how good it is to hold your partner’s hand so that they know how much you loved your partner. 

Oh and then coming to the sad end of it, which might as well be shown through the single jokes or how broken you are or maybe one might post a status indirectly blaming the innocent one for the break up cause why not? You break a person and you act like that person broke you to save yourself. That’s what 2016 taught me.
2016 has taught me about what relationships are and it’s true meaning only lies in how well you show off about it on social media and how good you are at playing with your words. It’s not about how deeply you can fall for the person even in a short span of time, it’s about how many years you have known that person for, because time is always a measure of the strength of love especially after you break up, isn’t it? It’s not about how beautiful you are as a person, it’s about how hot you are and how many likes do you get on your display pictures. 1k likes? Ah! She/He is the one. It’s not about trying to know every little detail about each other, it’s about how many times you’ve slept with that person. It’s not about how you’ve been with each other through the good times and the bad, it’s more about how many parties you go to and how many places you are seen together. Yeah, that’s what relationship and being in love is all about in the 21st century where the number of likes on your pictures and posts for each other determines how happy you are as a couple because no one cares to know what you’re going through after the happy picture becomes a sad one, isn’t it? The ones who reacted “Love” to the couple pictures giving you best wishes for a successful relationship will now react “Haha” to those break up jokes. And that’s just sad.

There will always be one whose faith in love is lost forever, there will always be one who will never be able to feel good enough again, there will be always be one who will cry herself/himself to sleep, there will always be one who breaks down and gets questioned by everyone and then there will always be one who will laugh it off at the end of the day because that’s what being in a relationship has taught me in 2016.

– A Girl who still believe in happy endings.

Thank you Arunima and Shalini for opening our eyes.

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