Written By: Bijoyeti Ghosh

This article has got some major spoiler alert.
Before I saw this movie I saw a few articles and reviews in leading blogs about the WTF thoughts people had while watching the movie so I decided to watch the movie in person, and truly I didn’t have any expectation from the movie. So today as a neutral person I decided to answer some questions which were put forward against Kaabil.

1.The rivalry between Shahrukh in Raees and Hrithik in Kaabil.
The day when Kaabil was released, it was made clear by Hrithik Roshan himself that he respects SRK as a teacher and he wishes the best for him. *hence objection overruled*

2.Now coming to the movie.

She told him she was going to be at the dance school, and he knew exactly where and when to show up?

Now the haters might have forgotten that there was a person named Mrs.Mukherjee who knew both Rohan and Supriya too well and isn’t it impossible to show in 2 hours 19 mins that he can actually call her up to know the location and time of Supriya’s dance classes. *hence objection overruled*


3. Are stilettos really the best option for Supriya during this show-trying-and-buying-expedition?

The person who has put forward this question seems never to have fallen in love. Or maybe is allergic to the idea of love. Or maybe hasn’t come across any visually impaired person in love. Or maybe is unaware of the term ‘passion’ in a relationship. *what say haters*

4.How does a dubbing artist in Mumbai afford the down payment on a penthouse apartment in a high rise?

Don’t you save up all your fortune on buying something which you dream of? Or are you unaware of the fact that a blind person can also save his money to buy something of his dream. It might also imply that he didn’t have his parents and he might have inherited their property too. *simple use of brain haters*


5. She’s more excited about him putting a ring on her finger than him buying them a house?

Was the person who asked this question busy buying popcorn when Supriya tried to feel the walls of the under-construction apartment?


6. Chat mangni pat shaadi, Done! 

Did you expect a cheesy romantic courting story which elaborates on the dating part, out of Kaabil?Or, are you too influenced by Indian serials that run a bit too long? Like, Seriously? *hahaha*

Kaabil Movie Images - Hrithik Roshan & Yami Gautam

7.Okay, what is happening? She’s been raped, they’re going with police escort to a hospital for her medical exam…in an auto?

Did you forget that you live in India? Did you forget that a girl is slutshamed everywhere? Did you miss the plot that the policeman was associated with the antagonists? *did you really watch the movie*


8.Why is he leaving her alone at home and going off to work?Where are their friends and neighbours? How does no one think that more than anything else this girl needs support and caring right now?

Again. This is India and your neighbours are only there when you are happy. Dude, did you see any neighbour throughout the film expect when Rohan was happy and married and they came to click selfies. *incredible India*


9.Hrithik Roshan is going around recording people’s conversations on a cassette recorder – what YEAR is this movie set in?

A visually disabled person can only know to call numbers and pick up calls. Can you not see at all and perfectly open the voice recorder in your phone? Isn’t it more convincing in cassette recorders? *brain on a vacation haters?*

10.OMG, what is with the people in this movie? Why do they keep answering calls from unknown landline numbers?

Now don’t say that you have saved all the numbers of this whole planet. Or better, imagine that you are to be called by a company for job offer.. and they can’t surprise you coz you already had their number and you don’t answer unknown numbers. Isn’t it? *God mode activated*

unknown caller

11.Arre, why is Wasim’s dad getting stabbed now? He didn’t do anything to anybody!

Didn’t you see that in order to save himself Amit tried to kill him? We get to see this in the newspapers too often right? Oh sorry, you might be too busy to go through the normal people’s newspaper? *time to leave earth*

12.What is this dead-wife-living plot device? When did it become so popular without us noticing?

Whoa! you notice all the plots which go through director’s mind? Or you couldn’t take it coz you were happily engulfed in Hollywood where in Sherlock Mary’s ghost chills out with John? *come back to India maybe*


13. Okay, they just decided to steal the climactic sequence from FAN?

Oh my God! Now I have to research whether any other Bollywood or Hollywood movie with the falling-down climax. *research level= hater*


The last thing which I would say is that listen to the haters or don’t but watch the movie and decide for yourself each and every director, actor, producer, and specially the people working as staff toil too hard to bring a movie to the theatres and we have no right to bash the movie in and out by sitting in the comforts of our homes. Be it a Hrithik movie or a Shahrukh movie or any other actor’s movie can’t we just watch them and decide for ourselves? Think haters.