The Story of A Crazy Biryani Lover

It is never easy to start a business from the scratch, a hotel management employee turned restaurant owner – it is fair to say that Krazy Biryani founder Vikram Rudra has been on an incredible journey! After returning from Bangalore Vikram followed the path of his heart and set up an amazing venture, Krazy Biryani.

The name comes from the craziness about biryani Vikram had.
So let’s find out more about Vikram.

1. What made you think of this restaurant?
I was working at Bangalore after my HM, and I saw a great opportunity in the food industry out there, not only at Bangalore but it was booming all over the country so I just made up my mind that if I could give 12hrs to 16hrs for my job in some other company why can’t I give it a try for my own venture! thus it all started from Bangalore eventually where I got a good response but my ultimate plan was to move to Kolkata, the HUB for foodies so I just came down and started it all in Kolkata.

2. What was your family’s reaction to your decision?
Initially my elder sister helped me a lot for the startup motivations at Bangalore and I’m really happy that my family has always supported me for the same and frankly speaking I myself am a great foodie and biryani lover which eventually helped me to set up my restaurant’s name as Krazy Biryani because I was actually Crazy For Biryani.

3. How did you do the initial planning?
It was way too complicated than I ever thought it could be, though initially, I planned it very very small, but I had few of my seniors and teachers from my college who guided me to think even bigger (people who were already in the food industry)! So I planned to make it a multi-cuisine take away cum delivery restaurant, we also did few trial and run deliveries before we actually started up where my friends helped me a lot for the production and purchase because that was actually done from the flat where I lived in, we didn’t hire any chef at that point in time, we also took feedbacks and it was great which actually motivated us even more, slowly we started hiring staffs and luckily I got one of the best team to work with, so that’s how everything started, not a very smooth start but definitely a gentle start that we needed.

4. What challenges did you face over the years?
Hahaha, well every day is a challenge for us, and the most challenging part is keeping your best team together !! the most challenging part was handling the staffs, after that, it was dealing with the vendors! like you will always have to be on your toes literally to run a food outlet because you have to practically check on everything starting from purchase, sales, hygiene, quality and every detail which may affect your business! It didn’t end only up to that, the most challenging part was to keep your customers happy no matter what ! and luckily our graph shows that till date we could keep 90% of our customers really happy and satisfied with our food and service, from which we learned challenges would keep on coming we have to ready to face any kind of situation which comes our way.

5.  Did you ever feel like giving up?
No, Never Ever ! I faced a lot of hard times in life, I have seen quite many things in life.. by which I have learned that quitters never win and winners never quit ! so giving up was never ever an option for me!

6. How do you keep yourself motivated?
My motivation always comes from our customer’s satisfaction, it is when they have the food and really appreciates our effort and appreciates the food, it’s then when we really push ourselves even harder to give even better service and product to our customers!

7. What defines entrepreneurship for you?
Ans – For me , its like living my passion by creating my own venture, developing my skills and learning a lot of lessons in life in a hope of making a good business out of my venture , there is a lot of hard work and effort put into entrepreneurship where you need to push yourself beyond the limits sometime to look out for success !! and like what I said your passion is the most important thing in entrepreneurship which keeps you driving forward in life.. so always be positive and passionate in life, good times and bad times are just phases of life but your passion should remain forever.

8. What would be your advice to the wannabe restaurant owners?
Few simple advice which I have learned from my years of experience that you really need to be very passionate, hardworking and you need to be on your toes always! anytime anything may happen and you need to be ready to face the challenges! it’s a service based industry, where customer satisfaction is everything, not all paths are beds of roses! there would be a lot of bad times and one need to be prepared mentally and physically to accept and overcome all the situations that you face!

Finally, I wish all the best to all the wannabe restaurant owners, the industry is booming, just believe in yourself and do what you are good at and am sure you will achieve success.