Written by: Saumyarup Pal

It’s hard to tell you, how much my pen shook
To write for you- for one last time. It took
My soul away, banged it, threw it inside some
Harsh reality. By this time we could be warm.
But it’s my tragedy, I don’t know where it leads to,
But I know, it’s the right time, probably, to lose you.
Our time has ended, no one knows how it has blended
I am wandering through the ways to thing, feeling like a brain-dead.
One thing I can tell you is that,
Everything shouldn’t have finished like this,
My mind still longs for that madness,
Those evenings ending with a midnight kiss.
Just listen to what I tell you now:
I was pure. Not a plan nor a single vow
Was false; I drained all my feelings for you,
I never thought that you’d leave me too.

Can’t live like strangers, baby!
All your feelings are at my fingertips,
All your emotions, miss fluctuations-
I learnt all of them, I learnt your whimse,
I’ve learnt by now that my life is a lie
Though I never lied to you.
Now if you find my tears at your doorstep
Don’t mistake it for dews.
I just lost my hues, hazed my views,
Paid my dews, now of no use.
It’s just so hard for me to part ways, still
What I’m telling you is nothing new-
Time has come, I knew it would be hard,
But not like this, like tearing apart-to lose you!