Author: Srimoyee Sengupta

Minimalism in fashion emerged in The 1960s when French designers Andre Courreges and Pierre Cardin made the mod shift dress. The golden age for minimalism was in the 1990s when Prada influenced the fashion world. Other best known designers include Calvin Klein, Jil sander and Alexander wang.minimalism 3

Now, What is minimalism ? The idea behind this trend is to dress simply to reach the purest form of beauty. The definition is reducing the subject to its basic or the necessary elements. Thus less is more. As a minimalist one has to keep it simple, comforting yet classic. Thus a basic white button down shirt, the little black dress, classic blue jeans, is all you need to have. Monochrome and one colour pieces without any interruptions are just as perfect.

The key to a minimalist trend is to keep it simple and timeless with clean lines by playing with neutral and earthy tone colours in silks and knits. To create interest one can add delicate gold or silver tone jewellery or a chic accessory which is simple and adds a personal touch to your outfit. You can add also add an interesting printed scarves to your basic outfit. When in doubt just simply go for the colours black and white which are the staple colours used in minimalism.

minimalism 2

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