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Question: I chalked out a plan with my ex-husband and killed my daughter. Who am I?

Surely, any Indian can answer this question.

But let’s have look at the other mothers who behaved in the same way, almost.


[Tu hain meri kiran…]

A woman, Pushpa Kohli had a spirited daughter, Kiran. Frustrated with her lifestyle, smoking, club-going and drinking, she decided to end the drama. She also feared that her daughter had an illicit relationship with her business partner after an annoying marital discord and divorce. Pushpa laced her daughter’s food with sedative, so that she can smother her during sleep. The victim woke up. The plan was aborted.

Next plan! She already had bro-cum-cop, named Kulwinder Singh. So she chalked out a plan of conspiracy. It was a contract worth 1lac rupees.

Pushpa sent her husband and son to Bhatinda to meet some relatives. On 27th Dec, 2013 at night, they overpowered her to slit her throat.


[Baby in the basket]

Let’s now move out of India, since Indian women aren’t that cruel.

Lindsey Lowe, hid her pregnancy, never visited a doctor and finally gave birth to a set of twins in the toilet. The baby was crying and she did not want her parents to hear that. So she put her hands over the first child’s mouth and kept for two long minutes till it was dead. The second one was born few minutes later that also fell in the toilet; it took less time to kill the second one.

She had no time to check the sex of the newborns. She put then in the basket which was discovered by her dad the next morning.



Nicole Kelly of Queens was done with being the only “care-taker” of her child. She wrapped her eleven months old child in a bed sheet to suffocate, and took an extra-long shower thinking of her 22nd birthday.

When she returned to the child’s room to unwrap the sheet, he was unresponsive. She ‘cleaned out all his stuff from the apartment and dressed him in his suit.’

She confessed that she didn’t want the baby anymore. She was a victim of single parenting, and received prolonged psychiatric treatment.


[Thank God!]

Dena Schlosser, a patient of post-partum psychosis, heard from God to take the arms of her baby down! She chopped off the hands of her daughter with a knife. The child wasn’t a year old. The police arrived and saw her covered in blood and singing Christian hymns calmly.

In custody she thanked Jesus many a times.



Lianne Smith, felt insecure when her partner was accused of child-abuse charges. She did not want her children to face the terror. And, the only solution was death. She suffocated her five-years old daughter Rebecca and eleven months old Daniel in a Spanish hotel. She is facing a thirty-four years long imprisonment.


[We party Hard, baby!]

A 22 years old mother, Bianca, took drugs and partied over days over Halloween in 2013. Her four-month old daughter was left alone. She died out of hunger. Bianca denied the murder charge. She argued, “I put her down and then forgot about her.” She spent three hundred dollars on ecstasy and amphetamines, that made her to remember the baby three days later- she has no regrets though.


[No abortion please!]

Over a period of ten years till 2006, Megan Huntsman suffocated six newborn babies with thumbs, and only one of the seven survived. She killed the slaughtered children in the boxes which were later hidden in the garage. She told police that she was ‘too addicted to meth to care for more children.’

There is a lot of debates regarding her mentality and why she didn’t go for pre-birth abortions.



Susan Eubanks consecutively murdered her four children aged between four and fourteen years, but spared her five-year old nephew. She had a fight with her boyfriend after having Valium. She slashed two tires of his car and didn’t let him in. ‘She didn’t like the fact that all of the fathers of her children and her boyfriend would leave him.’ As a result she executed the children to take revenge on their fathers.


[Food from my mom’s]

How about cooking to your own child?

How about cooking your own child?

Mrs. Ka Yang of California did so. She claimed to in an epileptic seizure, and only found the child burnt after being ‘normal’. Detectives found the story inconsistent. So she came up with a story and an affidavit of split personality.

Now talking of the baby, she suffered huge radiation injuries, 60% burn. Her guts were cooked! After all, she was in the microwave oven for two to five minutes!


[Just shake it!]

We all love Facebook quiz results. Someone took it seriously. Seriously!

It excited Alexandra with a passage that said, “Way to go, you crazy… you are too much for any one person to handle, including yourself-” the effects were apparent when her three-month-old son was crying, her Farmville calculations got distracted. The child was detected with a cerebral hemorrhage the next day.

She shook the baby every time he cried, smoked and shook her again, then smashed his head against the PC screen. Finally he got permanently silent.

Alexandra Victoria Tobias doesn’t play Farmville anymore. She scribbles with her color pencil, and has forty-five more years to spend like that. She has also romantically connected an inmate, whom she told that her son “passed away.”

No relative or friend could believe it. It was another case of post-partum psychosis. Life blew away her youth actually, she was raped. Though she was a brilliant student, her pregnancy kept her away from attending college. But still, she murdered an infant.


Well, these are some rare instances that brought the word ‘filicide’ into existence.

We know what mothers are to us. Keep her happy, make her proud. Happy Mothers’ Day!