Reviewer: Sourav Basak 12969441_1074398479270425_1317493142_n

Let me start by saying that this movie had great potential!! It sounded very similar to Saw II and even though the majority of the actors/actresses in the movie are not well known, the fact that Dennis Hopper’s name appeared in the cast had to be a good sign… right??. Wrong!!

Unfortunately it was one of his worst performances I’ve seen to date. I still can’t comprehend why he would sign up for such a bad movie. The fact that he was made put on an Irish Priest’s accent for the movie immediately ruined it for me. It also stereotyped about the dangers of having a black man in a group.

The acting by all throughout was appalling. Also the fact that it took almost 1 hour for the movie to start was very irritating. It’s classed as a Horror but I’m afraid to say it didn’t provide a hint of the scare factor
that we horror loving people expect. It didn’t even have a scary soundtrack, or a given “jump” moment, which is key to all horror movies.The only redeeming factor of this movie is the end when you find out what happens to the winner. I would highly recommend that you avoid this movie unless you have an undying urge to lose 1.5 hrs of your life 🙂