Is Rabindranath Tagore overrated in Bengali culture?

Written by: Shreyashree Sarkar 

It is a surprise to the world that why are bengalis so much hyped about Rabindranath Tagore. He lived a thousand shades of life in one life time. He is beyond beautiful.

10 reasons why Rabindranath Tagore is NOT overrated in Bengal

  • He has written over 2000 songs on various genres, seasons and moods
  • He has written innumerable poems and dance dramas, dramas and short verses.
  • He is a classic because he fits into the human psyche like no one else in Bengali literature. People could relate to his work then, now and will do forever.

  • He established the Bishwabhrati University in Shantiniketan that’s now the art hot spot of Bengal.
  • He brought the world to realize how talent could thrive within Indians too.
  • He supported the rebellions against illogical superstitions, discrimination and malpractices in the name of religion.

  • He supported women empowerment and education. Something most men are still to come to terms with today.
  • 2/3 rd of the Bengali Tollywood industry lives off his stories and Theatre plots
  • He lived a life so vibrant that several people are still researching on him.
  • He was also a beautiful artist. His paintings are still preserved in museums.


He is a legend and he deserves the attention and excitement we, Bengali’s show towards this man. 

Kobiguru never ceases to make me awestruck. And I’m proud as much as any other fellow Bengali is.