Smoked Pork With Anishi

Anishi is one of the most loved and utilized ingredients in Naga cuisine. It is utilized generally by the Ao Naga tribe and is one of their speciality. This astonishing ingredient is produced using the leaves of the sweet potato plant and tastes best when cooked with smoked meats like pork, smoked eel, fish.

Smoked pork with anishi is a common and popular delicacy which you will find in every Ao Naga household. Not only you will see or hear about it but if you are a guest to any of the Ao Naga household you will be served with it. It is not only popular amongst the Nagas but very popular with neighbouring states and its people. This Ao tribe speciality “Anishi” is loved by most people and is a favourite of many.


Smoked pork – 500 g

Anishi – 1 tbsp/ 1 small cake

Ginger – thumb size (roughly crushed)

Garlic – 4 cloves (roughly crushed)

Tomato – 2 medium

Naga king chilli/ ghost chilli – 1 no.

Naga pepper (mejinga) – 6 pieces (tempered and grounded)

Sichuan peppercorn / Mongmong chang – 1 tbsp dry roasted and crushed

Salt – to taste 


Before including the Anishi cakes, warm it in warmed charcoal over the chimney and marginally pound it to make it soft. Wash them with water and add them to the pot. Include the smoked pork, Mejinga, green chillies, tomatoes, salt to taste and water. Heat them to the point of boiling, spread the pot and cook till the pork is cooked and Anishi cakes are cooked and turn out to be tender. When it is cooked take out the Anishi, chillies, tomatoes and with the assistance of mortar and pestle pound them and mash them. Include the paste into the pot, include coarsely crushed ginger garlic and dry simmered Sichuan peppercorns. Heat it to the point of boiling and remove the warmth. 


Serve it with steaming hot rice. 



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