A poem by Bijoyeti Ghosh

Who is this girl I see standing in the mirror
She has the saddest look in her eyes,
She wonders if anyone understands her
She has so much pain as life passes by.

Who is this girl that always worries
And why does she want you so badly,
Why did her life leave in a hurry
Why does she look at herself so sadly.

Who is this girl who fell in love
And why do her eyes fill with tears,
Why does she linger to be with you
She screams and yells but no one hears.

Where did her sweet innocence go
Where did her once big smile go,
When did she lose everything beautiful she ever owned
Where did it go, no one knows.

Her hair falls right into place
Her eyes shine so brightly,
Listen to her voice just once
You’ll fall into it lightly.

She smiles when she’s really sad
She laughs when she needs to cry,
She falls in love so easily
Even when she doesn’t try.

Sometimes she feels all alone
Out of place and confused,
Sometimes she feels like no one cares
About her pain and issues.

She feels so trapped inside
She’s afraid to be herself,
She wants to run and hide
But she has no place to go.

She wishes upon a shooting star
Even though it won’t come true,
She wonders what she’ll wish for
And she knows that it’s to be with you.

Closing her eyes and breathing in
You appear by her pillow,
Reaching out and finding you
She knows you’ve become her hero.

She looks into your eyes
Meaning she wants a kiss,
You lean in with a tiny smirk
And suddenly she found your lips.

Who is this girl that’s falling in love
She seems to be helpless,
Deeper and deeper she’s falling
Hopefully you’re not heartless.

She looks at you and into your heart
Seeing all your desires and fears with her eyes,
She reaches out for your love
Hoping it never dies.

Who is this girl who seems so speechless
Why does she seem so empty,
Why does she say she’s so fearless
When everyone sees her fears so easily.

She loses her breath when she thinks of you
She can’t help but feel a deep connection,
She doesn’t know what to do
When it comes to her confessions.

People say she doesn’t love you
But she knows that her love is true,
Just promise her one last thing
That you’ll always be like You.