I wait for that day when we meet again
We will I know, as so much was left unspoken.
As we will stand face to face
Our eyes will meet one more time
Wonder will there be magic again?
Or will there be the dying desire?
The passing wind will caress my lips,
Carrying the moist from there it will place it on your lips.
I will blush for sure, I know
Will you feel the same pride as before?
The heartbeats will speak their own language to each other
Happy they will be to be united together
But shall our tongues betray us?
Refusing the words to flow
Will the emotions fight the disastrous battle that time?
With silence prevailing till the end, shall we talk past each other like strangers again?
These are the conspiracy of the contradicting naughty mind I know
Ever confusing the heart to the very core.
But you will open wide your arms and I will submerge deep within
Firmly held in your strong embrace you will peck a kiss on my forehead .
Letting me know that you have always been there,
The world will stop for a while, unnoticed, unexplained as you will hold my hands once again.
The fingers will kiss each other at the warmth of known touch
The lips may fail to utter the words but who can ever stop the union of rebellion heart.
And so I wait..
Till we meet again, till we meet again…….!!