Why Uttarakhand is known as ‘Land of God’ or “Dev Bhoomi”?

Uttarakhand and Himachal both known as “Dev Bhoomi” which literally means “The Land Of God”. Uttarakhand is famous with the name Dev Bhoomi from ancient times. Rishi and Muni’s called this place Dev Bhoomi. There are many reasons why Uttarakhand is called Dev Bhoomi.
  • The first and main important reason is that in the Vedas or Puranas Uttarakhand name was mentioned as Dev Bhoomi and it is divided into two parts Kedar Khand and Manas Khand (Currently which are Garhwal and Kumaon region).
  • Thousand of temples, shrine, sacred places are here which shows the presence and importance of god in this place. There is much Folklore famous about this place.
  • In earlier days (and even today) people came here to meditate on God, for salvation, to find the way to god and become the part of God. Uttarakhand is the place where people can do meditation without any distraction and disturbance. The Legends says that Pandavas also spent their good time here.
  • This is the place where Holy rivers Ganga, Yamuna, Saraswati originated.
  • According to the legends, the Lord Shiva’s in law’s Daksh Prajapati town is in Uttarakhand (in Kankhal Haridwar).
  • There are 12 Jyotirlinga and one of them is Kedarnath (5th Jyotirlinga) which is also in Uttarakhand.
  • World biggest mass Hindu pilgrimage Kumbh Mela which is celebrated four times over the course of 12 years. That four places are Haridwar (it is Uttarakhand), Nasik, Ujjain, and Prayag.
Chota Char dham, Why Uttarakhand is known as Land of God or Dev Bhoomi,
  • Chota Chardham /Chardham is in Uttarakhand which includes Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri, Yamnotri.
  •  Panch BadriPanch Kedar, Panch Prayagare here.
  • The First Sun Temple in India according to priority i.e Konark Sun Temple in Orrisa, and the second one after Konark is Katarmal Sun Temple in Almora Uttarakhand.
  • In Uttarakhand India. It is said that this underground cave enshrines Lord Shiva and thirty-three crores (330 million) Gods.
There are many more sacred places and temples in Uttarakhand which gives a clear idea about Why this place is known as Land of God or Why we called it Dev Bhoomi…
About the Author: Karan Singh Bisht is a travel blogger and writer and his hometown is the Uttarakhand.